'this is fashion'



Neither fashion nor art - what is ist, then? Neither fashion nor politics, is ist both?

#StudioIntegrativeDesign #Master-Thesis

The feeling of disciplinary one-dimensionality and the resulting attempt to meet design in a multimedia declaration of love requires a rethinking and, as a result, an engagement in the gray areas of the fashion. While design is under the general suspicion of appeal und pure aestheticization, 'this is fashion' shows that fashion design - a discipline of design - can be more than the production-oriented problem solving attempt and can strengthen the idea of an artifact by critical commentary.

The Master’s thesis 'this is fashion' by Ayleen Meissner refers to fashion through fashion, in an attempt to approach the system of fashion with humor and sensitivity. Inspired by the handling of art with criticism as a comment, multidisciplinary, she develops a collection of illustrative thinking models, objects and concepts, visual comments on society, through dealing with and in design.

The assertion that our world and our understanding of it becomes more and more inscrutable, we become more and more networked, and, as it were, more rude and overwhelmed by the head-over-heels-development, reflects the less conciliatory tenor of our time and is blamed as a cause for various problems. This myth becomes the acknowledged scapegoat of all evil, and here everyone agrees; We do not have to go further.

While this thesis is only a thesis, 'this is fashion' is not based on the belief that an overly complex world makes the overview impossible, but that individual disciplines can only be made holistically comprehensible by trying to explain it holistically. Art, design, politics, sociology are thus only fenced by their names, but rarely bridges between them.

Every brand positions itself to or against something already existing on the market and balances or fills gaps in the already existing repertoire of a discipline. This brand, this «corporate identity» is not to be understood as a commercial one; rather, it symbolizes the belief in a holistic foundation of values, which manifests itself in differently pronounced objects and ideas, which in turn are always commentaries and proactive stances towards fashion.

The brand 'this is fashion' enables a «cross over» range of critical agency. It marks and signifies a qualitative performance claim - not a product as a single entity, but all cumulative aspects. The entirety of all thinking models make the «brand».
Products of this «brand» encompass the whole design process, from conception to the design itself, from services to the tangible product. In such case the brand provides a guideline of values, along which any contribution to the brand / branding can be verified and hence be merged into its holistic concept.

All the individual artifacts of the editions / collections cover the questions of originality, political and social influence, the distance to art and the question of the importance of fashion. 'This is fashion' is to portray, illustrate, criticize and reflect. 'this is fashion' addresses everyone who wants to ask questions about fashion and consumes the alleged revelations, devoid of meaning, voyeuristically. 'this is fashion' examines, stretches and transcends the boundaries of the term 'fashion' and combines visual objects to and under fashion under a value horizon.

The artifacts are tangible thoughts, asking the question whether they are 'fashion'. They sharpen the perception of fashion and stimulate the debate. 'This is fashion' challenges fashion through design, reflects possible boundaries of fashion from different angles, reflects, depicts and shows that fashion always includes everything and everything: political, social, art, neither copy nor original.


Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler

, Masterstudio Design

Prof. Oliver MacConnell

, BBW Hochschule Berlin