A group dynamic VR experience

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Virtual reality applications and games are often experienced alone and isolated. People who are not in VR are only spectators. How can this be changed? Does the VR user really have to be isolated in order to achieve a high degree of immersion?

This master thesis investigates new group dynamic approaches in the field of Virtual Reality Gaming by means of a specially created game. VR TRIBES connects different gaming areas in an asymmetrical gameplay.

«Free the isolated VR User from his lonely experience and connect him with the outside world.»

VR games isolate the player from the outside world. VR TRIBES, on the other hand, is a VR multiplayer game that promotes communication and fun for all participants creating an exciting group dynamic experience. The VR player experiences a game in a kind of digital diorama, he can look over the whole game. He has to stand up to the three non VR players.

The three outside players participate in the game with their own controllers and screens, just like usual «Third Person» games.

The game is limited to 10-12 minutes to keep the VR player's efforts within limits hold.

The game is divided into sections, each section offers new tasks. In the first section the outside players have to destroy the magic crystals of the overpowering being. The VR player in turn is trying to prevent the TRIBE players with meteor-like projectiles from doing so. In the second stage both parties receive new and stronger weapons, the principle remains the same.

The biggest challenge awaits the players in the third and final section. The outside TRIBE players are transformed into one big figure and each player controls one part of this figure. One player runs, another moves his upper body and can dodge attacks or initiate them himself, the third operates the melee weapon and the shield for defense. The VR player, on the other hand, now has to face an opponent at eye level and defeat him in competition.

There are many people who are still skeptical about VR technology, bad experiences or VR simply cannot tolerate. Instead of just watching, interested people can now actively participate. Either as an outside "TRIBE player" or as the superhuman being from space.

The gameplay controls the players in such a way that they communicate in order to play together against each other and all participants experience a group dynamic gaming experience.

VR-TRIBES (Teaser & Master-Thesis) by Florian Denning


Prof. Heinz Wagner

, Studio Integrative Design​

Waldemar Schmidt