What is material?



#StudioIntegrativeDesign #Master-Thesis

Material, Matter, is a stretchy term. Amongst defining physical matter as needed for the creation of objects and products, the notion of material also defines our environment.

The Thesis researches innovations and evolutions in the history of material, analyses contemporary innovations, approaches and movements in design and challenges the way of dealing with raw material and resources. Katharina Berger's goal is understand the expectations and agendas as well as the possibilities of a direct and immediate exchange with the natural resources that surround us.

The «Materiallabor», developed in the course of research, is the experimental base to converge towards alternative resource retrieval and material development. Guided by the principle of the recycling-based economy, local and regional raw materials of organic derivation that result as waste from manufacturing are the main focus. Hidden potential of regional material cycles is thus be highlighted.


Prof. Heinz Wagner

, Masterstudio Design

Dr. Ralf Michel

, Masterstudio Design