Working in resonance with the past



# #Master-Thesis

While working on the rehabilitation project of an old hotel, Lara was confronted having to deal with the remains of its substance, which was stripped of any authentic architectural statements, and making design decisions in accordance. However, the history and memories of the place bore a lot more significance than its formal aspect. Having at heart to bring back the building to its lettres de noblesse, she started to rethink some of the current methods of work of the discipline of architecture and design.

This research brought her to approach the topic of preservation in a more experimental way, bridging disciplines to gather different outlooks and working processes. Getting insights of the artistic research practice, as well as reflecting on alternative ways to grasp the semiology of a place/object, she shaped a guideline that could help her in search for means of giving substance to the intangible heritage.

Lara’s research project resulted in a design method that stimulates the power of imagination from the evocation of words: Blindfulness.

The proposed method stands as an add on to the ideation process of the design thinking method. The narrative process used in Blindfulness is focused on describing the object to a fictional sight impaired person and therefore the importance of the paradigms shaping one’s vision are completely shifted, getting the whole sensory qualities acting as predominant sensors. Throughout this lengthy, reflective, and descriptive process, a personal and emotional connivence towards the object gets created. Information that couldn’t have been seized otherwise are therefore brought to the surface and made tangible by words or into the shape of an idea.


Ralf Michel, Jörg Wiesel, Simon Husslein