Integrative Design - - Essays and Projects on Design Research

Projects for the eponymous publication at DeGruyter/Birkhäuser

A showcase of exemplary projects in the fields of Sustainability in design, Design and politics,Critical/Speculative design, Social innovation, Human-centered design und Integrative design

Design reflects the social developments in certain issues that the design researchers are addressing. A key term for the positioning of designers, according to the thesis of the publisher, may in future be Integrative Design. What this means is the potential of design for the integrative development of a society that is indispensably linked to economic and political positions.

The book Integrative Design collects fundamental essays on aspects of Integrative Design: i.a. Design after Ownership; Inclusion; Design as an interface to society; Integration of design and technology; Political Agenda of Design. Here, we document current and recently completed research projects that develop these aspects.

The book will be published in May 2019.

Integrative Design - Birkhäuser/De Gruyter from the series: Board of International Research in Design