Human Centered Design and Humanitarian Aid is a design and research team at IIG that specializes in solving humanitarian emergency aid problems. By integrating design, we develop new tools for alleviating humanitarian plight and work with the methods of Human Centered Design. At the center of our methodological position is the inclusion of the most important stakeholders in the realization of sustainable solutions regarding help for self-help.

Field test in South Sudan with the prototype «Tool yellow», February 2018

Development of SafeTool prototypes, November 2017

Field test in South Sudan with the prototype «Tool green», February 2018


People in need in areas of conflict need special tools to build and repair shelters by their own hands and with local materials. These tools have to be designed in such a way that, in violent conflicts, they cannot be misused as weapons. In close collaboration with aid organizations, people affected in South Sudan, forensic scientists and other experts we develop a tool which we call «SafeTool». It shall be given out on a large scale with other necessary goods in regions of conflict, and it shall relieve the strain on people in need – especially on women.

Link: Video © Medair / South Sudan SafeTool 2018

Link: Video © Medair / Field test South Sudan 2018

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