Research proposal

The degree of digitization in value chains is increasing in the medium term from 20% to 80% in all sectors. This means that existing markets and their value chains are transformed by automation and the underlying digitization and will be transformed thoroughly. 

The IIG explores the fundamental change that design agencies, designers and architects face in their work processes in an increasingly decentralized industry. Based on this, we develop concepts and strategies for positioning us as designers in the context of digital change. In Trust/Design, we conceptualize completely digital supply and value chains model - based on the concept of blockchain protocol. We analyze the possibilities and variations that arise from algorithmization of trust in a world where man-machine communication (MMC) will be the dominant factor in design, resource management, manufacturing, and delivery on an extensive scale. 

PieterDeBloot «AdvocatsOffice»,1628

Designers will have to implement new requirements in their profile that enable them to organize a wide range of actors and their contributions to a finished product or service: designers will offer their customers new products and services on the basis of blockchain. Designers will help their clients in understanding these new systems and develop tailor-made concepts for the integration of design into digital value chains. The guiding questions are: How is design reorganized? How is design management and strategic design designed in an increasingly complex environment?