Designing New worlds: Cell-growing living space


von Jana Hoffmann

How might we live in the future? What could our cities look like? In a seminar on "speculative design" we looked at possible, yet unthinkable alternatives for the future and invented whole new worlds. It is Zurich 2100, the prediction of a resource-threatened future turned into real. Nature felt victim to living space, we have 13 million people living here today. Where should all these people live? Instead of building new architecture from many individual parts, we believe in a future in which you can grow your own house: "You can take your cell, search for a place to live and fix it to any architecture you like. It is your home now." The new concept of growing houses and the new society associated with it, ensures the survival of mankind: free, intelligent and highly flexible living space, accessible to all. Living materials allow a sustainable standard of living that is highly beneficial to both the environment and ourselves. In collaboration with Talayeh Dehghani Ghotbabadi and Olivia Linz.