Creature Nature Workshop IV



«Way of Life» 16.04. – 20.04.2018

All things in nature exist for a reason and they evolved to changing conditions, to become better at what they were and coexist in harmony. Nature has its way to create, recreate and find and solutions to the changing environment. As humans, we evolved as a species to use our intelligence to create and find solution through the use of materials to support and defend our needs. And used resources available from our surroundings to make and build these solutions. 

By time immemorial along with human evolutions the needs and desires kept evolving to a point that we started to exploit the resources.

The question is: Do we need to keep doing this, as excess of anything is destructive? Do we need to look back at traditions of living with the environment as the right way to move forward? Can we look into finding meaningful conversation with materials to support our needs? Can we look towards locally replenishing resources to support our daily needs?

The objective of the workshop «Creature Nature - Way of Life» is to find a meaning full way to explore bamboo as a material and address a need the best suits the material and its use. To create what bamboo allows us to do with it rather than forcing the material to function in a way it is not meant to be. Can we feel the material with minimal manipulation using its core strengths to find and answer in a playful manner that they feel being part of the environment? 

Sandeep Sangaru is a multidisciplinary designer, educator, entrepreneur and a nomad by nature. He studied Industrial design and has specialized in Furniture design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with a background in Mechanical Engineering. 

Being multidisciplinary, Sandeep explores different mediums and materials. Since inception his studio has been actively involved with the Craft Sector working with local people with local material to create global products as this is exciting and creatively satisfying. Craft has always been a need based process from ages and using design to interface the skills of the artisans is something he wants to work towards.

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