Design en route Workshop I



Making Of – Designing Process Architecture

Autumn School & Symposium
25.09. – 29.09.2018

The Autumn School «Making of – Designing Process Architecture» aims to unfold, discuss and work on questions and aspects of dynamic complexity and multiple stakeholder involvement in planning, architecture and design.

Most results in planning and designing hail from a sequence of complex situations. Projects are formed and transformed continuously while moving through an open-end parcours of obstacles, controversies and negotiations. Decisions involve a heterogeneous variety of stakeholders and the outcome for a great part becomes fairly unpredictable.

Instead to fail with even more static imagery and resisting structures, or to reduce the multiplicity of stakeholder voices and the complexity of options, one can ask, what tools and strategies are needed to work with and within the dynamic complexity? Which new and different roles have designers, architects and planners to take on? How would designs be redesigned and re-visualized when indeterminacy is recognized as an essential component? And how can the design of the processes themselves become a central task of the designing disciplines?

«Making Of – Designing Process Architecture» addresses young professionals, PhD and Master’s students with interdisciplinary backgrounds in related fields of study and practice. The Autumn School includes access to the one-day symposium with international speakers and a four-day workshops with internationally acclaimed practitioners with backgrounds in architecture, planning, design and applied social sciences.

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