In Code Workshop IV



«InCode a Chair - reinterpreting Enzo Mari’s Sedia 1» 08.05. – 12.05.2017

To understand the implication of codes, it is essential first to understand and deal with the personal point of view. There is no act, no intention and identification without saying and describing one owns thoughts.

The starting point is a personal statement on design. The starting material is based on a wooden chair designed by Enzo Mari back in 1974. The aim is to realize the whole process of a design creation in 5 days. 

Alfredo Häberli, an established Swiss designer and mentor at Studio Industrial Design at the Institute Integrative Design l MasterstudioFHNW Academy of Art and Design, took this attitude as a starting point for a workshop with the Masterstudio students. 

The iconic Italian designer – Enzo Mari published in 1974 Mari Autoprogettazione, a milestone in contemporary design history. In the book, Mari called for the democratization of design and for people to make their own furniture when required. Sedia 1 is the first design from Autoprogettazione to go into production with Artek. In line with the original idea of the project, delivery comes complete with a set of pre-cut pinewood boards, nails, and instructions on how to build the chair. As Mari says, «Design is always education».

Mari’s Sedia 1 chair served merely as the starting point for students’ designs. The students embarked on a journey to reflect on their practice, production modes, materials, consumerism and most importantly on their own point of view resp. their influence on the present and future culture.

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