Replacing the «New Normal» Workshop I



Designing in a fair world

28.09. – 02.10.2020

Confronted with the political, social, ecological and health issues of our time, more and more designers are trying to find solutions to make our world more just. But what happens when you try a different approach and decide to reinvent the world rather than fix it?

During this workshop, you will be asked to create an object or a virtual space from a personal utopia. The utopia chosen must correspond to the way the creators of this object/space want to see the world. The idea is not to work on all aspects of this utopia but just to question some notions. Thus, it is a way of questioning one’s own practice through the following questions:

Which designer would you be in a world that suits you? How does your creation accompany this other system? How does it reflect the notion(s) you have been working on?

It will be an opportunity to dream of a better world that would push us to design not in reaction to current problems but for the advent of this better world.

Initially, we will focus on the creation of this virtual object that symbolizes the trace of this dream. It can be designed directly in 3D, sculpted or modeled from a physical object thanks to photogrammetry. In a second time, we will work on the elaboration of a short video allowing to see the creation in its use. Thus, it is not only a question of dreaming and then leaving a trace, but also of finding an appropriate way to communicate one’s dream.

An online platform will gather all the virtual objects/spaces as well as videos and explanatory texts. It is possible to work in pairs or alone

The workshop is lead by Iyo Bisseck in collaboration with Studio Industrial Design.

The Human Detector - Iyo Bisseck

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