Chindogu: Hidden faces


von Jana Hoffmann

How to challenge the current situation of togetherness, prescribed distance and proximity caused by COVID-19? In this project we were asked to create a Chindogu according to the ten tenets of Kenji Kawakami. These are strange «unuseless» inventions that seem to solve problems while are at the same time completely useless. Mask-wearing in the wake of COVID-19 brings new challenges to our ability to communicate and perceive emotion through full facial expression,
our most effective and universally shared form of communication. By putting the Chindogu on our face, we are able showing different facial
expression while wearing mask:
1. Put the Chindogu on your face
2. Rotate the tape with the handle
3. Facial expression are shown by emojis drawn on the tape.
In collaboration with Talayeh Dehghani Ghotbabadi.
Duration: one week.
Mentoring: Susanna Hertrich.