von Matthias Weber

GOAL Examination that encompasses all aspects of human living from the home, furniture, clothing, food to social rituals and interactions. By means of design, questioning the way we live now and project how we could and should live in an imaginary future. Embracing the complexities and contradictions of our current life while considering known utopias and yet unthinkable alternatives which lead to inventing whole new worlds that manifest themselves in the design. TASK & IMPLEMENTATION Engage with a holistic design approach, probe how the skills of a designer can be utilized to create narratives that deliver imaginative yet detailed and believable scenarios that can serve as tools to negotiate the future. Objects deriving from a fictional future that are staged in short films. Concept & Ideas: Out of real threats like lack of knowledge, pandemics, richness and poorness or lack of electricity we developed dependencies surrounding our everyday life and added already known inventions and new ones. Out of this framework an Institute is born, trying to push all this new approaches and therefore follows the rule of its manifesto. Following this narrative, the screenplay of the film treats the story of an professor with a fitting and new approach about new forms of habitats applying for a collaboration with the Coins Edge Institute. In the Institute he meets the CEO who shows him around, showing the professor new generations of already implemented products of the institute and explaining him the purpose of the institute. Product: Film 6:24 min, Logo Prototype: self-sufficient energy ball and hologram projector (as the only device we need), T-shirts with active carbon filter, alternative currency cards, manifesto, advertising Space & Process: How the world would look like in a speculative future and the transformation of society into this world. Groupwork with Fabian Zaehner