lautes wasser


von Matthias Weber

Concept & Idea: A bottle of water – sustainable goals –processing – Datas and creating a product.
PET, waste and water are quite occupied topics. So it was quite hard to find a specific one in a group who was new formed within hours to achieve this goal combining all of it.
We were lost at some time. But we managed. During the process we elaborated water and its container as a huge field of questions for designers. In order of data collection as a designers material we created our own database of color, content, meaning, audiovisual content, and voices of who demented the use of water and the waste of plastic bottles, even though the material can be recycled.
The output shown demonstrate the separation of 3 channels of perception:
Auditive: a critic to ownership of water, neglecting that H2O is an human need and not an luxury diary
Combined with pieces of visual bits of commercials with brands, who sell water as a product. These are colored with main Logo colors of the brand of each commercial.
The text-layer on the top is made by media texts and claims of these companies mixed up with criticism of the water-selling-industry as own new claims.
All Elements in this installation are put together by a processing based framework who combines the colored bits of table-water commercials with a critical sound and randomly picked Slogans which combine original slogan and criticism. So every view of picture/sound and slogan are quite unique.

The aim of our own created database and its outcome (an generative commercial with slogans and pictures with sounds) as well of its presentation is to raise awareness of the consumption of bottled water, the waste and not recycled use of the container as well as the privatisation of an natural an public (water)source as brand – especially as water is an indispensable need to survive.

Groupwork with David Schneiter, Fabian Zaehner, Anabel Frenzel and Nancy Raebel - 2020