secret garden


von Matthias Weber

The well-being of humanity is the focus of our vision of an Utopic World. First, we confronted the fact that we can’t erase negative thoughts or actions in the physical world. It is understood that both negative and positive experiences are needed to keep life’s natural balance. We began to think of a device which helps people accept the traumatic situations that cannot be changed, so that they instead focus on the things they can change. So how does this acceptance process work? Our idea was to create a product generating a virtual space answering their needs in the present moment. To give an example: You are alone in a room and feel desperately lonely. Instead of nourishing your negative thoughts, you can put our device on your temple, and then enter your own personalized secret garden that is your own safe space. Choosing different options (visualisations, smells, sounds or colors) depending on your level of happiness, your virtual world generates positive thoughts and emotions that reminds you good memories from your past. After you have lived your unique experience, the acceptance process begins. In our project, we don’t want to create a world where you can escape from the real physical world. Indeed, a world which helps you feel better by giving you free will to control your own feelings by using the device whenever you want. In short, happiness is achieved by creating positive emotions without using any physical resources that don’t actually fill the holes inside of us ( Clothes, alcohol, food..). To prevent the user from developing an addiction to this device, we’ve decided to put a limited time per day using this device so you are still connected to the real world. Groupwork with Maelle Gourlan and Mirjam Ebener