Enter the Voice


von Sabina Curukovic

In a one week workshop "Fight. Silence. Treat. - Enter the Voice" led by Neomi Anna Tina Ceresola & Belia Winnewisser, we explored the meaning of the human voice, its history in antiquity, its relationship to gender and feminism, and its appearance in the realm of art. The focus of the workshop was to use the voice as an artistic tool for different conceptual approaches in art and design. These could be in the form of a performance, reading or vocal research. With our concept we tried to create a connection between voice and product. Design objects are often seen as dead and mute pieces. We can describe objects through materials and shapes. Our goal was to animate the object with a voice and give it a value. We chose the sofa LaTerazza by Ubald Klug for DeSede. Crinkly and joint are the two words that describe the sofa as a formal appearance. We repeated the two words several times until they lost their meaning. This created a new language/communication/feeling for the product. In collaboration with Lisa Bauer. Mentoring: Neomi Anna Tina Ceresola & Belia Winnewisser